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Influence of drugs and drug abuse on youths in Nigeria - case study of Oredo Local government area of Edo state

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This project work examined the influence of drugs and drug abuse on youths in Nigeria - a case study of Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State. It also informed the health officers on the drugs abuse among youth in the study area. Furthermore, to highlight the reasons for the youth to abuse drugs, consequences and ways of curbing the incidence of drugs abuse in the study area. Many medical and allied works of literature were reviewed to develop more facts for the project work. This research used the descriptive survey to sample 200 youth residents of Oredo Local Government. Questionnaire is the instrument used to gather and analyze the data, 133 questionnaires were distributed out of which 133 were retrieved. In conclusion, recommendations were made that the government should provide job opportunities for youth to become self-reliant, there should be rehabilitation centers for drug abusers that are mentally affected, there should also be enlightenment and orientation about drug and drugs abuse consequences in all public places and schools, the government should enact measures on people that are selling drugs indiscriminately and they should be supervising the target area at least monthly if possible and also check the activities of the victims of drug abuse.  The Ministry of Education in conjunction with the National Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA) should engage in appropriate interagency agreements in order to streamline the provision of services to support students with social and behavioral problems emanating from drug abuse. And finally, school administrators should develop, implement and regularly review, in consultation with the school community and governing council, a school behavioral code that is consistent with the drug abuse policies.   Keywords Drugs, Abuse, Youths ...
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