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Impact of public pit latrine on the health of the people residing in Birnin Gwari Kaduna state

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This project work examined the IMPACT OF PUBLIC PIT LATRINE ON THE HEALTH OF THE PEOPLE RESIDING IN BIRNIN GWARI KADUNA STATE. Among the objectives is to identify the knowledge gaps regarding the potential for and the consequences of public pit toilet system on citizens of Birnin Gwari Town, to examine the sitting standard of public pit latrine in Birnin Gwari Town, to identify the problems with public pit latrine system. Many medical and allied works of literature were reviewed to develop more facts for the project work. This research uses descriptive survey to sample 41 households in the study area. Questionnaire is the instrument used to gather and analyze the data, 41 questionnaires were distributed out of which 40 were retrieved. In conclusion, recommendations were made that people should try more effect in practicing environmental hygiene by cleaning their toilets. Government should ensure that they provide more health personnel that can improve house-to-house inspection and educating people on how to utilize their toilet and also washing their hands after using the toilet. Health officers should be notified by the public before sitting of toilets and sources of water. Keywords health, pit, impact, and latrine...
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