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Confederation of African Football (CAF) headquaters

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This project exposes the functions of CAF and the need for them to have standard facilities that will aid it in discharging its duties. First, there is an introduction, the objective of the study, followed by historical developments and origin. There is also research methodology, the design process, and recommendations. Sustainable development of football is the main aim of CAF. Football has a lot to contribute to the economic fortunes of any Association, State, Country or Continent that effectively excels in the game. Continents like Europe generate huge funds and attract good sponsorship deals because of good management. This project addresses the infrastructural needs of CAF. By this CAF can now begin to aim as high or even more than the Europeans in terms of revenue generation and better management because football is the No 1 sport in the world and the game with the highest number of followers. I strongly believe that this edifice will be able to rival Paris in Beauty, New York in Enterprise, and Athens in Culture. ...
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