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Assessment of recruitment selection and staff development in the Nigerian Banking Industry

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This project work is an in-depth study of recruitment, selection and training, which are seen to feature prominently as crucial elements of personnel management. The overall objective of t his research work was to examine the institutionalized process of recruitment and selection as feared in public limited companies examine the practicability of the recruitment, selection, and training processes as stipulated, appraise attempts by organizations to increase employees’ performance and effectiveness through training efforts and to examine practical problems emanating from these vital personnel management functions. It further aims to offer useful suggestions and recommendations for improvement. ------- Bank of Nigeria PLC  was selected as a case study because of its use of standard protocols in recruitment and selection and its standing policies on staff training. The study is therefore an integrated picture of those very vital personnel management functions that involve the selection and optimization of manpower by continuous training to be able to achieve the desired objective effectively and efficiently too.  In carrying out this project, data was derived from both primary and secondary sources and structured interviews were used to bring support to the study....
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