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Construction of UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) using 12v DC for 240v AC output

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An uninterruptible power supply has been designed, constructed and tested. It has a battery driven inverter that gives an output of 1000VA, thereby inverting a 12V D. C. source to 240V ac output. The power unit was able to convert the 240V ac line supplies from NEPA to DC supply and also change the batter by converting the AC supply to DC output required for battery charging. The IC type multivibrator or oscillator amplify the DC from the battery and gives an output of 50Hertz required by the electrical appliance. Finally, the UPS was able to generate a rating of 1000VA, 240V ac from the battery supply when there was a power failure and it gives square wave of 50Hz frequency. This project is divided into six chapters. Firstly, the introduction, history and development of the UPS with aims and objectives. Secondly, literature reviews, meaning of UPS, types of UPS and the functions of UPS, and components of the UPS. Thirdly, the transformer, fourthly, the battery charger/rectification, block diagram, schematic diagrams and principle of operation of the UPS. Finally, design and construction of the UPS, conclusion and recommendation. ...
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