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An analysis of cooperative activities in financing rural investment - case study of some selected cooperative society in Isiala Ngwa lga, Abia state

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The Nigeria industrial sector has suffered a series of setbacks in recent years. Inadequate and financing infrastructure series has virtually laid the economy prostate with severe consequences for the manufacturing sector. The manufacturing sector which should be the engine of growth and should therefore play this vital role in developing the Nigeria economy been hamstrung in playing this vital role effectively and has been unable to contribute adequately and meaningfully GDP. Based on the results of the investigation the researcher wishes to offer the following suggestion toward the solution of the problem mentioned above. The development finance institution (DF.) should strengthened financially to enable them effectively perform their functions. DFP’S should provide technical, managerial and marketing assistance to new and existing investors. Other federal government agencies like one state small scale industries credit scheme, industrial should assist entrepreneurs to prepare feasibility studies at minimum cost to assist to implement their projects. Nigeria should embark on a massive capacity building/ strengthening local enterprise agriculture human resources and technological development. It is the view of the organzed private sector that wholesale adoption of W.T.O rules will kill the local industry. There is a need to re-negotiate W.T.O traffic to remove obvious anomalies working against national interest and economic survival. There should therefore be a pragmatic approach to the whole question to trade liberation which proceed apace with improvement in the country’s competitiveness as determined by the quality of infrastructure and reduced cost of doing business....
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