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Evaluating corporate financial performance using accounting ratio: a study of first bank of Nigeria, Abakaliki, Ebonyi state

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This study focuses on evaluating corporate financial performance using accounting  ratios (a case study of First Bank of Nigeria plc Abakaliki, Ebonyi State). Data were collected for the study using questionnaire. The data collected were analyzed,tabulated and presented, using percentages. The hypothesis were tested using Chi-Square at a0.05 significant level and population N 40 individuals including the managers and staff of First Bank of Nigeria plc. The sample size n 36, was determined by systematic random sampling. The Z values were calculated and the result compared with the critical z value accepting the hypothesis if calculated z values= the critical z values and vice versa. Base on the hypothesis testing calculated, the null hypothesis was rejected while the alternative hypothesis was accepted meaning that the users of financial statements use accounting ratios in evaluating company’s performance. The major findings   made in the course of this study includes that accounting ratio is an effective tool in evaluating corporate financial performance of First Bank PLC. Other findings are that accounting ratios have positive impact on decision making of the staff and management of First Bank plc. In recommendation, bank and other companies should make judicious use of this in order to evaluate their financial performance and also make effective decision. Keywords: Accounting ratio, Corporate Financial Performance, Company Evaluation...
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