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The role and importance of cooperative education towards cooperative development in Imo state (case study of cooperative propagation in Orsu l.g.a)

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The study was conducted to examine“The Role and Importance of Cooperative Education Towards Cooperative Development in Imo State” (A Case Study of Cooperative Societies in Orsu Local Government Area). The research divided the study into five chapters, based on the above. Chapter one is all about the background of the study, statement of the problems, objectives of the study, significant of the study, scope and limitation. Generally, history of cooperative education in developing countries of the world foundation of cooperative has been the lack the role and importance of cooperative education in specific terms. Chapter two is all about the literature review of the past related work of this topic. Chapter three cover the population of the study consists of all the registered area, sampling and sample size determination, sample to technique, sources, primary sources were collected through oral interviews and questionnaires and observation while secondary sources were collected through cooperative texts, literature and journals. Chapter four is all about presentation, analyzing and interpretation, tabular modes of data presentation on a percentage basis. Chapter five is all about summary of findings, conclusion and recommendation, improvement of the role and the importance of cooperative education, so as to ensure that it makes great positive impacts on the effective working on the management of cooperative development in Imo State to reference the findings. The researcher recommends that thorough training is needed to be conducted. Adequate role and importance of cooperative education towards cooperative business enterprise will help in the development of cooperative societies in Orsu local government area.  ...
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