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Design and construction of a solar water heater for domestic use

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Producing a substitute to the use of an electric heater for producing steam, a healthy and environmentally friendly source of producing steam leads to the design and construction of a solar heater for domestic use which can generate steam of 0.5 kg at about 100oc 30 minutes, using parabolic trough collector. The solar heater consists of two collectors in order to attain this desired temperature. The collector heats the water to a temperature of 100oc in a maximum of 15 minutes. Solar energy is a reliable, free attractive, and non-polluting source of energy. In order to find a substitute for the production of steam by an electric steam heater, this solar heater is constructed and remains to be tested manually and automatically using the design it has been constructed. By increasing the rim angle, the efficiency is also improved. The solar heater will be very effective and efficient during clear days. ...
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