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Construction of a 950 watt fuel-less generator

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Electricity supply has been erratic for a long time in Nigeria, the need for a new energy source had led to a number of alternatives, which have been unaffordable and unavailable due to huge cost and scarcity. Thus, in response to this, the construction of a 950watt fuel-less generator was constructed, designed and developed in this project using local materials. The system has seven basic sub-units which are the battery unit which serves as a source of energy to the system, the motor unit which drives the alternator unit to generate the much level electricity to the load or utility unit. The capacitor unit stabilized the current being generated and the re-charging unit that takes current from the alternator to charge the battery and finally the circuit breaker unit that helps to isolate the coil from overloading. However, the energy conversion principles, as well as energy conversation principles, are applied to achieve the output. At the battery, the electrochemical energy is converted into electrical energy, and at the motor, the electrical energy is converted into mechanical energy and mechanical energy to electrical energy at the alternator. In general, there is energy conversation as energy is neither created nor destroyed but rather is changed from one form to another to accomplish the desired noiseless, smokeless and self-charging devices that generate electricity without using fuel and produces power by means of energy recycling....
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