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Construction of a solar phone battery charger

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This project is titled the construction of a solar cell phone Battery charger. It is designed to meet up with the higher demand of power supply needed to keep our cell phone battery charged. A solar cell phone battery charger is an electrical device that converts the energy of light directly into electricity by the photovoltaic effect. It does this by the use of a solar panel which is a form of a photoelectric cell (in that its electrical characteristics-- e.g. current, voltage, or resistance-- vary when light is incident upon it) which, when exposed to light, generates up to 6V 500mA current without being attached to any external voltage source. The potential being generated is passed through a charging circuit to charge the phone battery. This work is aimed at constructing a solar cell phone battery charger system that receives 6V dc and produces 3V– 5V from the solar panel and converts it to the level that can be safe to the cell phone battery. The output from the charging circuit is passed through a voltage regulator to ensure a constant charging current....
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