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Phytochemical and proximate analysis of Combretum Zenkeri Ubi

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Phytochemical analysis of combretum zenkeri involves both qualitative and quantitative analysis. While qualitative analysis is concern with the presence or absence of a phytochemical, qualitative analysis is accounts for the quantity or concentration of phytochemical present in the plant sample. The proximate and phytochemical composition of dried leave of Combretum zenkeri were analyzed using the method of Association of Official Analytical Chemists (A.O.A.C). The result of proximate shows that the leave contained moisture (23.03 ± 0.04%), Ash content (17.31 ± 0.07%), Fat content (8.46 ± 0.01%), Fibre (10.29 ± 0.01%), Protein (6.55 ± 0.02%) and Carbohydrate content (35.39 ± 0.64%). The phytochemical constituents of leave recorded the following: Flavonoids (14.72 ± 0.06%), Alkaloids (20.57 ± 0.01%), Steroids (12.35 ± 0.01%), Saponin (34.77 ± 0.02%) and Tannins (1.54 ± 0.01%). The results showed that Combretum zenkeri leaves possess moderate concentrations of Carbohydrate, Alkaloids and saponin and the least levels of Protein and Tannins. ...
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