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Irony in Drama Hamlet by William Shakespeare

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Hamlet, Complete Hamlet:  Prince of Denmark by William Shakespeare, written around 1599-1601 and published in 1603 in four folds from unauthorized texts referring to previous plays. By analyzing the irony in the play hamlet written by William Shakespeare, it can give us further knowledge about the drama. In the current research, descriptive method of library research is implemented to the problems of the research. This research is conducted by expressing the information from the available documents which is useful in the field of irony in the drama Hamlet. The major aim of this research is to provide a current analysis of irony in the drama Hamlet by William Shakespeare. In the play"Hamlet", the characters’ awareness of the situation is very different from that of the reader. Therefore, their behavior is at odds with what the reader expects. It makes the whole job very attractive to the reader. It increases their emotional participation in the drama. Drama Hamlet tells of a prince who tries to avenge his father who was killed by his uncle. But in his revenge effort, he has to lose many things. What does Hamlet teach us– about revenge, death and the afterlife, or thoughts and actions The play is ambiguous about all of them: intentional....
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