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An assessment of physical distribution function in the brewery industry - case study of Nigerian Brewery, Enugu

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This study is concerned with the analysis of physical Distribution function in the Brewery industry with particular reference to Nigerian brewery company Enugu. The researcher outlines the problems and development of physical distribution in the study. The introduction part gives a brief account of the meaning of physical distribution  (general  Overview),  The statement of problems, objective of the study, significance of the study Research question, the hypothesis, scope of the study, the limitations of the study and the operational definition of terms. CHAPTER TWO Review of related literature, CHAPTER THREE is devoted to methodology, and chapter four shows the discussion of findings associated with the research work. The discussions on findings were made with a view to high lighting a sound basis for some possible solutions. CHAPTER FIVE witnessed the climax of the researcher rounded up by summarizing and concluding all findings by giving some recommendations. I finalized by giving some recommendations if the audience could help improve the physical distribution function in our brewery industries.     ...
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