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The role of traditional media as tools for effective environmental beautification

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This study examines traditional media's role as a tool for effective environmental beautification. Environmental beautification, varied spatial positions, and sensations of colors in the built environment create visual contrasts that contribute to urban aesthetic development. The perception of the dynamics of colors and their“chroma value” coupled with the expression of traditional media with cultural values can have a considerable effect on the character of an environment. But, color in an environment is a function of the paint and other coverings used, and it is the effect of the surface color that results, which is explored in this paper. To understand environmental beautification, the interaction and interdependence of the complex environment as it correlates with colors and traditions need to be considered critically. Also,  the physical environment, the biological environment and the socio-cultural environment each make their contributions to the whole. Convincingly, beautifying an environment is a complex problem, but this can be helped by expressing traditional media in beautiful color of arts Nigeria, as a multi-cultural society is composed of various elements which compel it to use color differently from each other.  Therefore, the need to create a pleasant impression through traditional media environmental beautification is the major problem of this study. Hence, producing an environment aesthetically pleasing to all and sundry is the major challenge of this study. ...
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