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Construction of a functional textile printing table with angle iron

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There are indications of uncontrollable printing fallen most on art studios of higher learning and these situations have facilitated the researchers to embark on the major concept of the usefulness of a standard printing table with angle iron due to the lack of standard printing table, the researchers considered it necessary to embrace on these project so as to eliminate uneven dyeing and misfits on the production of printed works which is one of the problems encountered during or execution of likely works. Always occur in the studio which leads to workshop accidents. So, based on these the researchers decided to embark on the construction of a standard and functional printing table to give a stop to all sorts of printing problems that may have occurred during the basis (that is faulty printing). These reports are made up of five chapters and the researchers have in various chapters attempted to examine, identify and recommend the necessary dos and don't of the printing table for suitable printing, while adopting visual documentation of the table using both secondary and primary method. ...
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