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Prevalence of malaria infection in out-patient attending Mokwala clinic

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Although preventable, malaria continues to be the major public health issue in developing countries, including the sub-Saharan region, where 90% of the world's malaria death occur (kinney et al., 2010) Nigeria is the leading country in Malaria infection and mortality (WHO, 2016). prevalence study of malaria for out-patient reporting for malaria diagnosis was conducted at Mokwala clinic, Bida, Niger State for the year 2020. The diagnosis of malaria at Mokwala clinic is by RDT. A total number of samples was collected throughout 2020, and the result, according to age range is 0-10(111)11-20(42)21-30(76), and 31 years above (83).it shows that the age range with mostly affected tested positive,0-10 years female constitute 71.5%, and the months with the highest record of prevalence (positive test), are June and July and the month with the lowest prevalence (positive test)is march....
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