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An empirical study of the security consciousness of guesthouses in Bida town

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This project research work is an empirical study of the security consciousness in guesthouses in  Bida town. This is to verify whether adequate security measures are being practiced to word-off security threats and breaches. In carrying out the study, the researcher used questionnaires, interviews and observation methods as research instruments.  The study was carried out using ten (10) guesthouses in Bida town, Niger state. Fifty (50) copies of questionnaires were distributed to staff and guests (five each) of the sampled guesthouses and the fifty (50) questionnaires were retrieved representing (100%). Data collected were presented and analyzed using tables and percentages. Hypothesis was formulated and tested using Chi-square (?) statistical method of analysis. The chi-square results show a higher calculated significant value of 5% (i.e. 0.05) over the tabulated degree of freedom at (3.841) that security gadgets are in place used by security staff of most guesthouses in Bida. As such, the overall results have helped to conclude and to accept the alternative hypothesis (H1) that the guesthouse staff are security conscious and are with necessary gadgets to reduce various security breaks in most guest houses. It was discovered that the security gadgets in Bida guesthouses reduce crimes, such as security threats and breaches. The researcher also discovered that guesthouses in Bida town are security conscious and to their own level, measures are been put in place. Modern security gadgets (CCTV, Fake TV, camera and body scan) should be installed to ensure that all these security crimes can be reduced to the barest minimum....
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