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Cooperative and agricultural financing - a case study of Abia state

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This study is an analysis of cooperative and agricultural financing in Ikwuano local government area of Abia State. The objectives were to ascertain the capital reserve of cooperative societies and to determine the sources of finance for cooperative societies in the area. To determine the extent to which cooperative societies have improved farmers' access to financial capital in the study area. Three communities were randomly selected and five (5) cooperative societies were equally selected and data were solicited with the use of structured questionnaires. Also, data were collected on such variables as socio-economic characteristics and management practices. Data were analysed using simple descriptive statistics such as chi-square and survey methods were adopted, all geared towards gathering information as regards how cooperative and agricultural financing are being done in those areas. Also, in every organization be it profit-oriented or non-profit oriented organization, finance is the life wire of such organization. Likewise, in every sector of the economy like agriculture and cooperative society as for the purpose of this research work, finance is very essential. In the course of this research work, we will identify and highlight various ways and methods in which this society is being financed. The system of going for long and short-term borrowing has gone a long way in helping the cooperative and agricultural movement in that area, often times, the government through the ministry of Agriculture and ministry of cooperative in collaboration with chambers of commerce and industry do give their maximum assistance for the development and growth of the society. In the same vein, lack of adequate financial assistance can lead to big problems and constraints and as a matter of which poor service to society and the public at large.   ...
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