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Impact of leadership style on students’ indiscipline in secondary school in educational district II, Lagos state

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It is commonly observed that student indiscipline in our schools in Nigeria is fast becoming a problem that is swiftly degrading the education sector and if lasting and corrective solutions are not sought in recent times might lead to the ruin of the sector.  Secondary school students in the last couple of years hardly see reasons why they should take their primary duty seriously. They portray a lackadaisical attitude to their academic work without any regrets or possible consequences. Students don’t put enthusiasm and extra effort into their studies they come late to school on a daily basis. They trivialize the importance of time which they say waits for nobody while disregarding what might have been missed or lost within the time they are not in school.  Secondary school students don’t abide by school rules and regulations and this attitude if not well taken care of might lead to a habit that often results in to lawlessness. One other major act of indiscipline among students in a school environment is noise making. Students from the inception of nature have tendency and characteristics of shouting unnecessary on the top of their voice. Students at every opportunity when less occupied by a teacher or an instructor or when any of them are even around during a lesson unnecessary shout on top of their voices even when they just need to speak calmly....
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