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The effects of electoral malpractice on socioeconomic development of nigeria - case study of Kano state

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This research work examines the impact of electoral malpractice and the socio-economic development of Nigeria with a case study of  Kano state between 1999-2015. Using the elite theory, the study explores and investigates the role played by the elites to acquire political power, by all means, to further their nest, with specific emphasis on Kano state. Adopting a qualitative method based on secondary and primary data, qualitative and quantitative descriptive analysis, relevant data were generated and analyzed. Results of the analysis show that electoral malpractice in Kano state is as a result of the struggle for socio-economic power which, in most instances, those with the largest financial war chest, hijacked the electoral materials as well as Electoral officials. The study concludes among others that, to achieve development in Nigeria in general and, Kano State in particular, there is a need to sanitize the electoral system of this country. ...
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