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Detailed/topographic survey of a section of Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri

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Determining the true size and shape of the earth has intrigued Human for centuries. Today, the importance of measuring and monitoring our environment is becoming increasingly critical as the population expands, values of land appreciate, natural resources dwindle and Human continues to stress the quality of land, water, and air. Hence, this project work which is a branch of surveying called Topographical surveying takes into consideration the detailed/topographical surveying of a section of the Federal Polytechnic Nekede, Owerri and contains five chapters. Chapter one introduces surveying and its branches with respect to topographic surveying together with the aims, objectives, scope, and location of the project work carried out. The review of literature of the project work is seen in chapter two while chapter three describes the first and second stages of a survey work with respect to the project it talks about the Reconnaissance (Recce) Diagram and outlines the instruments used and the various adjustments and tests that were carried out to ensure that the instruments were in good working conditions for minimizing of errors and achievement of the required accuracy. Chapter four contains the Computations, Reductions, and Adjustment that were carried out and here the computation of Area gave Hectares and Angular misclosure check was done with the formula (zn+4)90  1800 and 30”N, N8 was used to check if the disclosure and it gave, hence it is allowable. There you will also see how to plot, inking, tracing and contouring. Also in chapter six are the Achievements, Problems Encountered, Recommendation, Conclusion, and Reference. ...
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