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Assessment of market participation by women maize farmers in Okpokwu local government area of Benue state

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The population for this study comprised all women maize farmers within Okpokwu Local Government Area of Benue State.  A purposive sampling technique was used for this research. Three different villages were selected in each council ward based on the activities of women maize farmers within these villages. In total, 150 women maize farmers were selected across the twelve council ward of the local government. Descriptive statistics such as frequency distributions and percentages was used to realize objectives (i). Likert scale rating technique was used to realize objectives (ii, and v), gross margin analysis was used to determine the profitability of maize farming and market participation. Logistic Regression analysis was used to realize objective (iv) and the research hypothesis. The result revealed that with the exception of transaction cost (-0.316), distance to markets (-0.712), transportation cost (-0.02347), maize price (0.003) Level of capital (0.1029)  had both negative and positive influence on market participation. The research showed the mean total variable and fixed cost of maize marketing in the study area is N46590.0000 and N 92057.9167 while the total revenue of N 465162.5000 with a gross margin was N 418572.5000. The net profit if N 326514.5833. he null hypothesis that the socioeconomic characteristics of the farmers have no significant effect on market participation was rejected and an alternative hypothesis as the logistic regression model revealed that socioeconomic characteristics such as age, annual income, level of education and farming experience affect the market participation of maize farmers in the study area. ...
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