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Consequences of parental negative emotions on children beheviour among families in Makurdi metropolis

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This research was carried out to investigate the consequences of parental negative emotions on the children in Makurdi Metropolis. 384 respondents which comprised both students and parents were randomly selected from five different schools in Makurdi and questionnaires were distributed to them. Data collected were subjected to descriptive statistics. Results showed that 46.29% were between 41-50years and 17.71% were within the age of 21-30 years. 77.14% were married while only 10.86% were single and 6.86% and 5.14% were divorced and widowed respectively. 39.42%  of the parents have 3-6 children while 38.86% have 1-3 children and 12.57% and 9.14% had 6-9 and 9 and above children respectively.  The most prevalent type of parental negative emotion was anger (93.33%) followed by fear (85.00%), depression (81.67%), anxiety (82.50%), sadness (80.00%) and others were Hate (62.50%), worry (72.50%), Jealousy (78.33%), Irritability (70.83%) and resentment 45.33%. The most observed sign among parents was mood swings (3.95)  low sex drive for married couples can be a sign of negative emotion (3.81) feelings of depression (mean  3.76), consistent anxiety (mean   3.69), avoidance by the spouse (3.69), speaking with a raised voice or condescending manner (3.65), sleeplessness (3.54), irritability (3.16), panic by the spouse (3.11),  silent treatment among parents (3.12), spouse deny each other affection (3.08),  withdrawal of spouse (3.04) and criticism, name calling and bullying among couple (3.02). The research concludes that parental negative emotions affect children both in academics and socialization.  It is therefore recommended that parents should always try to balance their emotional life in other to avoid the consequences on their children. ...
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