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Poultry farming - a veritable tool for economic empowerment in Makurdi, Benue state, Nigeria

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The study was carried out to analyze poultry farming in Makurdi Benue state. The population for the study consisted of all the poultry farmers in Makurdi local government area. The data for the study were collected from primary source and it was done through the use of structured questionnaire. Due to the enormity of the population, 100 respondents were selected using the snowball technique. Data were collected using structured questionnaire administered on the respondents through interviews. Data collected were analyzed using descriptive and inferential statistics. Findings show that 53% were female while 47% were male farmers, 49.0% and 32.0% of the poultry farmers were between 26-38 and 39-51 respectively, 93% were married while 7% were single, 43% of the respondents had a household size of 5-10 members, 63% and 9% obtained secondary education and tertiary education respectively, 48% had a stock size of less than 100 birds/ batch per farm and 47% had less than 6 years farming experience. 79% farmed broiler, 61% farmed local chicken, while farmed 42% layers. 89% of the farmers invest in poultry for income generation, 71% for meat production and 48%% for f egg production while 43% also produce poultry in order to provide meat for their family. Total sale of poultry in the study area was N 1147230.000 while the total cost is N 423640 resulting in a gross margin of N 723590. Hypothesis tested indicated that poultry farming was profitable. It is also concluded that poultry farming is a profitable enterprise among the farmers in the study area and the most farm poultry is the broiler chicken...
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