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Survey on the strategy for ensuring food security of cereal crops

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This study focused on the survey on Strategy for Ensuring Food Security of Cereal crops in Katsina State (Case study of Katsina Local Government). The main objectives of the study were to describe the socio-economic characteristics of the residents, identify the food security status of the study area, find out the food shortage survival strategy of the study area, and suggest possible solutions to enable avoid food shortage in the study area. The data were randomly collected through the use of questionnaires from eighty individuals. Four major wards were purposively selected and sampled, because of the high level of food shortage of Cereal crops in the study area. These wards are: Wakilin Gabas I, Wakilin Gabas II, Kangiwa, and Wakilin Yamma I. Twenty (20) respondents were chosen randomly from every four wards mentioned, making a total of eighty (80) respondents for the study. The data used were analyzed by simple descriptive statistics and percentages. The result obtained from the socio-economic characteristics revealed that 87.70% of the respondents were male while 12.30% were female. It also showed that 90.57% were married, 3.69% were single, 4.51% were widowed and 1.23% were divorced. The age of farmers (respondents) shows that 0.82% were less than 20 years, 6.56% were 21-25 years, 15.52% were 26-30years, 34.78% were 31-35 years, 21.46% were 36-40 years, 13.48% were 41-45years, 6.56% were 46-50 years and 0.82% were above 50 years old. The causes identified for food shortage in cereal crops were inadequate storage facilities, inadequate money for food during the lean period, inadequate farm inputs, etc. ...
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