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Prevalence of parasitic zoonoses in Kano state metropolitan abattoir

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The study was conducted to investigate the prevalence of parasitic zoonotic diseases in Kano state ultra modern abattoir (Mayanka), Fagge L.G.A. Kano state. Animals were examined for post-mortem defects in different slaughtering units of the abattoir. The study started from the 28th of December, 2015 to the 11th of January, 2016. The total examined animals were 2890, among them were 1460 cattle, 970 goat and 460 sheep. Age and sex of the examined animals were recorded as far as practicable. The overall prevalence of hydatidosis was highest (29.61%), followed by fascioliasis (23.04%) and lastly amphistomiasis (21.48%). The prevalence of the above mentioned diseases were higher in older animals. The prevalence of hydatidosis, fascioliasis and amphistomiasis was higher in male in the case of cattle and goat, but the prevalence of these diseases was distinctly higher in female animals in the case of sheep. ...
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