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Growth and yield response of N.P.K fertilizer to Amaranthus Caudatus Linnaeus

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Field trial was conducted in 2012 and 2013 to determine the growth and yield of Amaranthus Caudatus (Linnaeus). This study was conducted at college of agriculture Hassan Usman Katsina polytechnics Batagarawa Katsina. To study the growth and yield response of Amaranthus Caudatus L. The treatment consisted of three levels of inorganic fertilizer (compound fertilizer N P K 15:15:15) 0, 20, 30 kg/ha arranged in a randomized completed block design and replicated three times. The crop growth and vegetative yield parameters were responded to N P K compound fertilizer significantly (p0.05) in the mean result. Most of the crop parameters were maximized with the application of 20kg N P K/ha. The regression of edible yield per hectare to N P K level indicates a strong linear response up to 30kg N P K/ha, although the difference between this rate and 20kg/ha- was not significant.     ...
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