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The role of tree planting in the control of desertification

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Tree planting is simply the act of growing trees. This could be for economic, aesthetic, or environmental beautification and protection reasons. And desertification is a disaster that reduces the biodiversity of a given environment, leading to the creation of a desert-like condition. This research aimed to identify the causes, and effects of desertification and the species of trees planted in Kusada Local Government of Katsina state. Fifty questionnaires were randomly distributed across the study area. The causes were found to be deforestation, overgrazing, bush burning and drought. This consequently leads to a decrease in land productivity, high mortality in livestock population, and erosional activities among others. Neem was the main species of tree planted in the study area. It was recommended that more shelter belts of different tree species should widely be established in the region in order to control desertification. Also, avoiding bad agricultural practices and reports on any disaster to the concerned authority were recommended.     ...
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