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Internal party democracy and political party performance in Nigeria (case study of Jigawa state)

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The main purpose of this study is to study the impact of internal party democracy on political party performance in Nigeria (a case study of APC). Three research questions guided the study In this study, a survey research design was adopted, the population comprises all the APC party officials in Jigawa State, Nigeria, a simple random sampling technique was used to select 28 respondents for the study and a questionnaire was the instrument for data collection. Relevant literature was reviewed which guided the objectives and methodology of this study. As a result of the field study and analysis of results, the following findings were made: That the impact of the circumstances of party formation on internal democracy in the party includes that it shapes how democratic the party will be it determines how the party will treat its members it dictates how succession will be established in the party it explains how the party relates with her public elected officers and it addresses how the party will relate with other political parties. That the programs of the party are not relevant to democratic governance. That the programs and policies implemented by the party with a view to enhancing democratic governance including but not limited to the introduction of direct voting in party primaries ensuring accountability of party elected officers ensuring transparency in her dealings ensuring the supremacy of the party and ensuring free and fair election at the party level....
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