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Oleru folktale demonstrated in a painting

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The purpose and focus of this project is to emphasize on OLERU FOLKTALE manifestation in painting work. Folktale is one of the popular sources of entertainment in OLERU, AMAKOHIA IKEDURU L.G.A IMO STATE NIGERIA from time immemorial it has been considered as an important asset of the people of OLERU. OLERU is known for its great culture and tradition, also they are known for farming and trading, and their Folktale session usually starts after work, during moonlight. The researcher embarked on this project to explore a visual narrative of OLERU Folktale. OLERU Folktales tradition this painting. This project will throw more light on using materials and acrylic pigment to create a painting of Folktale. OLERU Folktale expands the manifestation of the visual Artist (painter) of the un-written literature of traditional folktales, Riddles and Proverbs. The oldest titled man in OLERU who is known as CHIEF CHRISTOPHER IWUCHUKWU, was interviewed and responded positively to the research work which helps the researcher in his findings. Recommendations were made based on the research, such as that the weather condition should not be a barrier for folktale stories. That it can be done any day any time. Through this means they can be educated and get good vital information....
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