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Impact of Covid-19 on macroeconomics in Nigeria

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This study was carried out on the impact of Covid-19 on macroeconomics in Nigeria. To attain the goals of the study, three (3) specific objectives, and three (3) research questions were raised for the study. Related literature was reviewed for the study consist of Conceptual Framework which includes concept of Covid-19, the concept of macroeconomics, impact of Covid-19 and macroeconomic fundamentals such as oil price, exchange rate, share index, and 2020 budget, etc. This study adopted a quantitative research approach which entails a systematic evaluation of individuals’ behavior towards an unprecedented economic shock and their response to the manner in which the situation might unfold by lifting the lockdown measure in Nigeria. This is achievable with a systematic random sample of 117 respondents and a well-structured survey questionnaire. The results indicated that most economic challenges including unemployment/job loss, increase in social vices, rise in poverty level, fall in economic activities, as well as fall in the level of GDP faced by individuals were not a result of Covid-19. Consequently, the authority’s inefficiency was also challenged in spite of their efforts to mitigate and control the emerging economic consequences faced by households during the Covid-19 period. The study recommends that lifting of lockdown would be the best action for the government to take for economic resilience. The study also revealed that both the public and individuals need to establish democratic preferences and trust in health professionals or experts. Further to this, the government should decide on effective measures needed to contain the continuous spread of the virus, especially through the development of research based and healthcare institutions....
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