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The marketing challenges of microfinance bank services as a tool for grassroots development (case study of Okengwe microfinance bank)

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The study was carried out to determine“The Marketing Challenges of Microfinance Banking Services as a Tool for Grassroots Development” a Case Study of Okengwe Micro Finance Bank, Okengwe. The study is significant in ensuring that the governments have deep insights on microfinance banking service, its operations or financial requirements and management To the community, it helped to develop the area by granting them loans which would help to reduce the poverty level. Also to help any enterprise that would enter into micro financial banking services to understand the structure, problems and financial requirements of the system were formulated. The main instruments used in data collection were questionnaires and personal interviews. The data were analyzed using simple percentages and chi-square. From the analysis of data collected, the following findings were made, that the banking habit of the rural dwellers improved the life of the rural people. It was also discovered that the unwillingness of the rural dwellers to put their money in the bank for credit creation affected the microfinance banks. There were challenges to raising assets for small and medium enterprises in the rural community. Also there are loan recovering procedures in the microfinance banks of the rural dwellers. That the expense of credit facilities by the microfinance bank attracts high patronage amongst the rural populace. Finally, from the findings, the following recommendations were made: provide efficient and effective financial services, credit facilities, deposits, commodity, inventory, collateralization, leasing, and innovative transfer payment services and the leaders of other local organizations such as co-operative societies, women group, and others as thus would create a harmonious and peaceful atmosphere for micro-finance bank to operate smoothly. ...
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