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Evaluating the effect of internet on islamic studies in Tudun Wada area of Kaduna state

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This research examines the Effect of the Internet on Islamic Education in Kaduna North Local Government Area. This research, therefore, is divided into five chapters. Chapter one contains the title, general introduction which comprises the background of the study, statement of the problem, aims and objectives, significance of the study, scope and limitation, methodology of the study, literature reviews and finally the end note and references. Chapter two title, introduction, definition of computer, what is the internet, relevance of internet to the teaching and learning of Islamic education, advantages and disadvantages of internet, major achievements derived to Islamic education in the use of the internet, education in Islam, Islamic concept of Education, Islamic education and modern technology, modern technology advantages and disadvantages, conclusion and end notes. Chapter three title, features of internet at a glance, major components of internet usage, impact of internet as to be put across to education of Islam, types of websites relating to Islam and the ways and manners of using internet for better understanding of education in Islam, finally the end notes. Chapter four the data collected were analyzed by means of frequency counts, percentages and tables where necessary. Finally, discussion of the findings. Chapter five, the research discusses on the recommendations, summary/conclusion as well as the bibliography....
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