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Installation of 5kva solar inverter system

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The design and construction of a 5kva solar power inverter system. The solar panels were installed free from trees/building shade and aligned to receive maximum sun rays at 450 North-East. The panels were then connected to the charge controller and the circuit was wired to the battery. It was observed that 7.8% of the total output power was lost during the testing and measurements which resulted from components used. The output voltage (VOUT) for both expected and achieved values of the solar cell is 100V, the output current (OUTPUT) for the inverter is 10A for the expected value and 9.7A for the achieved value. The inverter was used extensively with different appliances of diverse power or wattage. However, care was taken not to overload the inverter beyond its maximum power rating of 5kva. Based on testing and measurements during operation, the inverter has relatively small output resistance and low power consumption for its circuitries while delivering optimal output power depending on the wattage of the load. ...
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