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The impact of government expenditure on poverty reduction in Nigeria

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This work was done to analyze the impact of government spending on poverty eradication in Nigeria from (1980-2011). In this research work, multiple regression analysis was used and five variables were used in the empirical analysis. They are government expenditure on agriculture and water resources (AGWR), health (HTH) education (EDU) transportation and communication (TRCM) and Housing and environment. The data used in this research was collected from secondary data obtained from the National Bureau of Statistics (2008) (MBS), and CBN statistical bulletin. The major findings show that government expenditure on health, education and transport, and communication are insignificant and a unit increase of government expenditure in these sectors will reduce the poverty level. While that of agriculture and water resources, and housing and environment are significant and a unit increase will increase the poverty level. Recommendations were proffered based on the findings of this research. That the government at all levels should ensure that its expenditure are channeled toward projects that will reduce the poverty level in Nigeria....
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