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Design and construction of fire alarm system using thermistor

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The safety of the environment and individuals is monitored and maintained by the important role fire alarm systems play. Although, the usability of many of the existing fire alarm systems is known by the users, however, they are produced with a high cost and thus not reasonable for the low-income users. The main objective of this project is to design a prototype of an automatic fire alarm system (A-FAS) at a low cost. The A-FAS designed in this project contains two systems, the detection system and the alarm system. The detection system operates as the fire detector and consists of a smoke detector, heat detector and an emergency switch as a manual call point. This paper discusses the design and implementation of a microcontroller-based fire alarm system. The detectors are placed in different zones and any signal from any detector at any zone will activate the alarm system. The alarm system consists of LEDs, LCD notifications, buzzer and text message notifications. Furthermore, the system is fitted with sensors at different zones to identify the presence of individuals, this feature aids the monitoring process of the system. The entire system is controlled by a microcontroller which is programmed using Arduino compiler. Upon completion of the prototype, the A-FAS detects smoke or any rise in temperature sensed by the detectors. Finally, when any of the sensors are triggered, the buzzer operates and the system sends a text message to the saved number. With the development of A-FAS, the safety of individuals and surroundings will be increased as the low cost of the system will promote users of all income levels to have one at their place or home....
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