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Design and construction of CNC paper laser engraving device

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Basically in laser engraving the laser beam burns the top layer of the surface to be engraved. The burnt area is left uncolored which makes it appear different from the surrounding surface. While in laser cutting laser beam has to penetrate through the surface. This can be achieved by prolonging the beam on a particular area for a long period of time, the duration being decided on the strength of the material to be cut. This paper will present the design and construction of Laser Powered 3-axis computer numerically-controlled (CNC) machine which comprises the use of a graphical-user interface (GUI) and Arduino microcontroller to produce pulse-width modulation (PWM) outputs in order to run the stepper motors that will be used in this work. A simple mini 3-axis CNC is previously used precisely surfaced designed for snapping of wood, plastic sheet and thin sheet of metal alloy by using a rotating drill bit its accuracy is much lesser than using lesser cutter techniques this machine tool is portable and it is controlled by a computer (PC). Design and construction of mini CNC with workspace of 130mm x 130mm using precision Stepper motors that combined with belts& pulleys help in moving the axis smoothly on linearity bearings that increase the more precise results obtained. ...
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