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Rehabilitation of an existing green house

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The need for more food and vegetables led to the creation of a greenhouse. The project's goal is to plant pepper in a greenhouse that was destroyed by fire during the dry season. We were successful in achieving our goal: first, we measured the building's total length, which was 6100 millimeters, and the building's breadth, which was 6000 millimeters. We then added the total length and breadth to get the building's total area, which was 13000 millimeters. Next, we used cement to erect the pillars to the ground to prevent it from falling and to keep it in place for a long time. Then the shafts and the points of support were additionally connected. In conclusion, the sun-powered polythene was fixed at the top of the structure and furthermore by the side of the edges of the structure in development, we think about the size, limit and effectiveness for ideal creation. During the dry season, vegetables are scarce and difficult to obtain, so we constructed a greenhouse so that students could learn more about cropping. The materials we use to build the greenhouse are wood (timber), solar polythene, and Isreal net to cover the side view of the building with vegetable plantings spaced 0.3 meters horizontally and 0.2 meters vertically....
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