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The impact of Nyanya market to the development of Abuja municipal council from 1999 till date

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This study explores the profound impact of Nyanya Market on the development of Abuja Municipal Council from 1999 to the present day. The research addresses a significant gap in the literature concerning the historical development and influence of this market, which has attracted traders from diverse geographical locations. The research problem focuses on the limited attention given to Nyanya Market in previous studies, despite its evident economic importance. The primary aim of this study is to assess how Nyanya Market has affected the local population and the overall development of Abuja Municipal Council. To achieve this goal, a mixed research methodology involving qualitative and quantitative methods was employed. Primary data sources included interviews with local residents and market traders, as well as an online survey. The findings of this research reveal that Nyanya Market has had a substantial impact on the economic and social aspects of Abuja Municipal Council. It has enhanced the livelihoods of local residents, improved educational opportunities, facilitated transportation, and significantly contributed to revenue generation. This study underscores the pivotal role of Nyanya Market in the development of Abuja Municipal Council and offers recommendations for further enhancing its operations. These recommendations include infrastructure improvements and continued support for local businesses. This research is invaluable for local government officials, future researchers, and indigenous people seeking to understand the positive effects of periodic markets on economic development. ...
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