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Analysis of the impact of electronic prescribing on medication safety and efficiency

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The results showed that a significant percentage of respondents were familiar with electronic prescribing systems, indicating their prevalence in healthcare settings. The majority recognized electronic prescribing's contribution to reducing medication errors, such as enhancing legibility, providing real-time access to patient information, and facilitating accurate dosing and prescription history tracking. Improved communication and coordination among healthcare professionals were reported by a considerable proportion of respondents, with benefits including secure and instant transmission of prescriptions, collaboration, and reduced phone calls/faxes for clarifications. Efficiency gains were observed with the implementation of electronic prescribing systems, ranging from significant to moderate gains. These gains included faster prescription processing, streamlined medication reconciliation and refill processes, improved inventory management, and enhanced patient adherence through electronic reminders. However, respondents also acknowledged several challenges, such as technical issues, resistance to change, integration problems, and privacy/security concerns....
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