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Public policy and socio-economic development in Nigeria - a study of the rescue mission agenda in Taraba state

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The research study was carried out to examine Public Policy and Socio-Economic Development in Nigeria with particular references to the Rescue Mission Agenda in Taraba State. While the specific purpose is to identify the challenges encountered during the implementation of the Rescue Mission agenda. In this study, a survey research design was adopted. The population of this study was carved out of the entire management staff cutting across the top, middle and lower level management as well as other experts in the Rescue Mission Agenda in Taraba State. Hence primary method of data collection was used where a sample of 500 close-ended questionnaires were prepared and administered to the respondents in the case study that were selected using the five-point Likert scale.  From the findings, the study concludes that, the importance of effective policy formulation, resource allocation, and coordination for successful implementation. It is evident that while the Rescue Mission Agenda had the potential to uplift Taraba State''''s socio-economic landscape, its realization faced hurdles such as inadequate infrastructure, political complexities, administrative bottlenecks, and limited financial resources. These barriers not only hampered the efficient execution of policy initiatives but also hindered the intended positive impacts on employment, education, healthcare, and overall quality of life for the citizens. Based on the conclusion the study recommended that Policymakers should engage in thorough planning, considering all potential challenges and risks, while establishing robust monitoring mechanisms to track the progress and outcomes of policy implementation. Regular assessment and adjustments are vital to ensure policy effectiveness....
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