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Construction of solar powered incubator with 30 eggs hatching capacity

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This work presents a standalone solar-powered incubation system based on a prototype microcontroller for the artificial hatching of thirty eggs. The cost of chicken production is getting out of hand lately due to the energy crisis experienced globally, necessitated to look at other ways of generating energy for egg incubation. Solar-powered incubation systems surmount the challenges by supplementing the power. The incubation system consists of a temperature controller, temperature contactor and fan. The fan ensures an even diffusion of hot air in the incubation system, while the temperature controller maintains the temperature constant by energizing and de-energizing the temperature contactor. The task of the temperature controller is to transmit an electrical signal to the contactor to get de-energized by switching off the heater temporarily, which would get to a desirable temperature of 37. Likewise, when the temperature decreases beyond its desired value, the contactor will be energized again, hence switching on the system. The construction of an incubation system would increase economic activities in the off-grid areas by improving the production of poultry farming....
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