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Contemporary feminist issues in E.E Sule Makwala

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In the realm of contemporary literature, the intersection of gender and literature has emerged as an increasingly significant field of study. This burgeoning area of research is driven by the ever-evolving social dynamics, wherein issues related to gender, sexuality, and feminism have come to the forefront of societal discourse. This study, therefore, embarked on a comprehensive exploration of the feminist themes within E.E. Sule’s literary work. By doing so, it aims to contribute to the growing body of literature that examines the confluence of literature and feminism, particularly in the African context. Moreover, it sheds light on the ways in which Sule’s narratives resonate with contemporary feminist discourses and contribute to ongoing conversations about gender, identity, and societal change. This study focused on a specific set of literary works by E.E. Sule. This work was chosen due to its prominent feminist theme and significance within contemporary Nigerian literature. The primary focus is on the identification and analysis of feminist themes, motifs, and representations present in the work. These themes may include issues related to gender inequality, and gender-based violence. This research employed a mixed-methods research design, incorporating both qualitative. This approach allowed for a comprehensive exploration of feminist themes in E.E. Sule's literary work, combining textual analysis, and literary criticism. Textual analysis involves a close examination of the narratives, characters, dialogues, and literary devices within these works to identify and categorize feminist themes. Key passages and quotes relevant to gender issues were extracted for analysis. The study advocates for gender equality and challenges deeply ingrained patriarchal norms. It accentuates the fundamental principle that people should enjoy equal rights, opportunities, and privileges, independent of their gender. This message is a potent tool in the ongoing struggle for gender equality....
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