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Determine the trace metals in some leafy vegetables commonly sold in Katsina metropolis

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The presence of heavy metals in the environment, particularly in food crops and vegetables, has raised concerns globally due to potential risks to human health. This study investigates the concentration of essential and toxic heavy metals, including Iron (Fe), Copper (Cu), Zinc (Zn), Lead (Pb), and Cadmium (Cd), in commonly consumed raw and cooked vegetables sold in Katsina metropolis, Nigeria. Heavy metal exposure, either directly through the consumption of mixed vegetables or indirectly in prepared dishes, poses a significant risk to human health. Little documentation exists on the levels of these heavy metals in freely consumed vegetables within Katsina metropolis, highlighting the need for comprehensive research in this area. The global concern regarding heavy metal presence in the environment, particularly in food crops and vegetables, highlights the need for research into the levels of these contaminants in commonly consumed vegetables within the Katsina metropolis. The study addresses the potential health risks associated with heavy metal exposure through the ingestion of contaminated vegetables, either as mixed raw vegetables or as components in prepared dishes. The increasing environmental pollution, whether from synthetic or natural sources, poses a significant threat to human health. With the rising consumption of vegetables in Katsina metropolis, there is a need to assess the presence of pesticides and heavy metals in these commonly consumed leafy greens. The study aims to contribute valuable insights into the levels of heavy metals, allowing for informed decisions regarding food safety and potential health risks associated with vegetable consumption. This research aims to determine the trace metal concentrations in some leafy vegetables commonly sold in the Katsina metropolis. The specific objectives include sample collection, preparation, metal concentration determination, and a comparison of results with established standards from WHO and NAFDAC....
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