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Awareness and use of generative artificial intelligence tools by computer science lecturers - Federal Polytechnic Nekede

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This thesis investigates the awareness and utilization of generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools among computer science lecturers at Federal Polytechnic Nekede. Generative AI, a rapidly advancing field within artificial intelligence, encompasses algorithms and models capable of creating data or content that imitates various aspects of human creativity. This study aims to understand the level of awareness among computer science lecturers regarding generative AI tools and their integration into teaching practices. Additionally, it explores the extent to which these tools are being utilized in educational settings to enhance learning outcomes and foster innovation. The research methodology involves a mixed-methods approach, combining surveys and interviews to gather quantitative and qualitative data. A questionnaire will be distributed among computer science lecturers to assess their awareness of generative AI tools, their perceived benefits and challenges, as well as their current usage patterns. Follow-up interviews will provide deeper insights into the experiences, opinions, and recommendations of lecturers regarding the integration of generative AI tools into their teaching methodologies. The findings of this study will contribute to understanding the current landscape of generative AI adoption in educational contexts and provide valuable insights for educational policymakers, curriculum developers, and technology trainers. By identifying barriers to adoption and highlighting best practices, this research aims to facilitate the effective integration of generative AI tools into computer science education at Federal Polytechnic Nekede and beyond, ultimately enhancing the quality and relevance of teaching and learning in the digital age. Keywords: Generative Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science Education, Awareness, Utilization, Teaching Practices, Educational Technology, Innovation. ...
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