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Construction of 1.5kva solar inverter

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In this work, detailed techniques of the construction of a low-cost automatic inverter system capable of converting 12Vdc to 220Vac 60Hz with a power handling capacity of 1.5 kVA have been presented with emphasis on the step-up transformer specification. The major modules of the inverter system consist of a driver and switching circuit an automatic battery charger circuit a battery voltage level indicator circuit and a capacitive–inductive filter. Both solid-state and electromechanical relays were employed to provide automatic fast switching capabilities both in the presence or absence of a public power supply (PPS) without voltage fluctuations supplied to the loads during the power switching process. Several experiments have been conducted with the automatic inverter system using different equipment with different power requirements. Analysis and results show that the designed and constructed inverter system has negligible output resistance with low power consumption and it is highly suitable for use in experimental and research laboratories as well as in domestic and industrial applications.          KEYWORDS:  Construction of 1.5KVA inverter system battery, charge Controller, driver and switching circuit      ...
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