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Investigation into the extent of community participation in the improvement of science teaching and learning - a survey research in Gwale lga, Kano state

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This research investigates the extent of community participation in enhancing science teaching and learning within Gwale Local Government Area of Kano State, Nigeria. The study is grounded in the understanding that communities play a vital role in shaping educational outcomes, particularly in science education. Communities, defined as groups sharing common values and residing in close geographical proximity, offer invaluable support and resources to schools. However, challenges such as lack of resources, sound policies, and national support hinder the advancement of science education. The research aims to address the following objectives: firstly, to determine the level of community support for science education initiatives in Gwale Local Government Area secondly, to assess the extent of community engagement in science-related activities within the area and thirdly, to examine the role of parental involvement in science education within the community. To achieve these objectives, the study employs a survey research methodology, gathering data through structured questionnaires and interviews. The research questions focus on identifying existing community support for science education, measuring community engagement in science-related endeavors, and understanding the significance of parental involvement. Despite the importance of community participation, the study acknowledges limitations, particularly in terms of time constraints and the scope confined to Gwale Local Government Area. Nonetheless, the findings hold significant implications for policy formulation, as well as for informing community engagement strategies in science education. In conclusion, this research contributes to the ongoing discourse on community participation in education, shedding light on the relationship between community involvement and educational outcomes. By identifying factors influencing community participation and its impact on science teaching and learning, this study offers valuable insights for educational stakeholders and policymakers. Keywords: Community participation, Science Education, Gwale Local Government Area, Kano State, Nigeria....
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