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The role of budgeting in private sector management

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The study was about“The Role of Budgeting in Private Sector Management” a case study of Unilever Nigerian Plc. Aba. The study was guided by three objectives that is: To establish the role for budgeting in an organization. To establish the contribution of budgeting on worker performance in terms of time management. To establish the relationship between budgeting and financial performance of the company. A case study research design was used where both quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection and analysis were used. Purposive and simple random sampling was used to get a representative sample sixty. Thematic content analysis was used as the main analysis strategy. Key findings were transformed into themes for analysis and presentation of data. The study found out that there are a number of roles for budgeting in the companies including planning, evaluation of performance, for control purpose, continuous comparison of actual creation of responsibility centers in organizations, that of time management in a way of proper time planning, even distribute the time resources of the employees in the organization in the organization, help the firms to make profits in time, as well as provide direction to the future progress. The researcher concluded that, budgeting contributes greatly on the financial performance of private firms whereby through budgeting, costs are managed and controlled and can realize when costs are high and make some adjustments so that the firms can set targets to met through budgeting and by doing this, cost is managed and controlled for increase in financial performance....
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