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Construction of 1kva fuel-less generator

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This scholarly article examines the design, construction, and evaluation of a fuel-less power-generating set with a power output of 670W (0.67KVA). The investigation focuses on assessing the efficiency, impact of load, and voltage output of the machine under different circumstances. The results indicate that the device achieved a maximum efficiency of 89.1% when tested under a load of 60W, whereas its minimum efficiency of 56.4% was recorded under a load of 100W, accompanied by a voltage output of 131V. Importantly, the machine's output diminished as the load increased. The machine's average efficiency was found to be 56.4% after conducting statistical analysis. Moreover, the study compared the voltage input provided by the battery for the fuel-less power generating set with that of a power inverter system, highlighting the stability of voltage output in both systems. According to the findings, various suggestions are put forward. To enhance performance characteristics, it is advised to utilize a voltage supply significantly higher than the 12V battery voltage for energizing the generator. Additionally, engineers are encouraged to develop specialized DC motors, alternators, and transformers tailored specifically for fuel-less power generating sets, particularly for applications in agriculture. Lastly, the article advocates for the adoption of this appliance in agricultural establishments, as it offers a clean and sustainable energy solution. In conclusion, this research contributes significant insights into the efficiency and performance characteristics of fuel-less power-generating sets, illuminating their potential for diverse applications and advocating for further technological advancements in the field....
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